"The law, sir, is an ice mirror. Those who try to rush through it usually reach their destination more slowly." Lawrence Sanders

The main profile of my law firm is classic criminal law and related areas. Since the establishment of the office in 2003, I have gained extensive practical experience in this area of law.

In the field of criminal law, I undertake the representation of suspects or victims after providing comprehensive information, and I personally represent my clients in official proceedings, making sure that your rights are not impaired in any way.

It is important that those who contact my law firm are aware of their rights and obligations according to the applicable laws, the expected “best” and “worst” possible outcomes and, of course, what we must do (as clients and lawyers together) to the procedure ends with the most favorable outcome possible. It is not my goal to lull anyone into vain hopes, I honestly explore the possible results and chances and only take on cases that I can handle with a clear conscience based on both ethical and professional rules.

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