Even as a trainee lawyer, I dealt with criminal law in particular. On this basis I built my own practice in 2004. In 2006, I obtained a postgraduate degree in economic criminal law at the Eötvös Loránd University. My law firm deals with classic criminal cases, i.e., in accordance with our ethical values and standards, my office does not represent perpetrators of crimes against children.

In addition to my criminal practice of nearly 20 years, – due to increasing clients’ needs, continuous education and life-long learning, – I also represent and advise clients in other special fields of law.

Legal services

Criminal Law

  • Legal advice

  • Submitting denunciations and complaints

  • Representation of defendants and victims

  • Submission of applications, observations and other documents (i.e. presenting pieces of evidence, file motions and observations with regard to the provisions of Act XC of 2017 on the Code of Criminal Procedure)

  • Representation in public and private prosecutions

  • Litigation of civil claims

  • Substitution of private prosecution

  • Representation of witnesses

  • Representation before the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg)

Civil law, economic law and labour law

  • Legal advice

  • Drafting of documents (e.g. contracts, unilateral declarations)

  • Representation in administrative proceedings (in civil litigation proceesings, my law firm works with partner colleagues)

  • Debts’ and claims’ management, legal representation in the enforcement of claims (e.g. payment orders, enforcement proceedings)

  • Administration, legal representation, enforcement of legal claims in private and public proceedings

Data Protection, Compliance & Consumer Protection Law and Competition Law

  • Full range of GDPR and compliance services in Hungarian, English and German (e.g. GDPR-compliant documentation of data protection, data protection officer services, legal representation and support in data protection authority proceedings, drafting and updating of internal policies)

  • Consumer protection compliance services in Hungarian, English and German (e.g. drafting and updating of General Terms and Conditions, consumer- and partnership agreements, legal representation and support in consumer protection authority proceedings)

  • Legal representation and support in competition authority proceedings

Attorney’s fee

The attorney’s fee is subject to mutual negotiations and agreement with the client. The attorney’s fee and any costs/fees of proceedings will be determined in each case individually in the attorney’s agreement on the basis of the lawyer’s own fee schedule, with regard to fairness and equity, and further on the basis of the agreement of the parties. The attorney’s fee will typically depend on the complexity of the case, the value of the individual transaction and the extent of the lawyer’s responsibility for it.

According to the Budapest Bar Association, the amount of the attorney’s fee may not be published on the homepage.